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As a passionate cyclist with over eight years of experience on the roads, I’ve covered more than 10,000 km in my rides. Whether I’m racing road bikes or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, cycling brings me endless joy and fulfillment. My friends and family have been a constant source of inspiration in my cycling journey, encouraging me to pursue my love for the sport and helping me to achieve my goals along the way.

The Story Behind Biker Ninja

The idea for my website comes from my friends and relatives asking for suggestions! I thought I would put all my tips and resources out on the web so that people looking for information about bikes and gear can find great advice!

I set up the website and started posting my suggestions and advice on it. (I’m thrilled; now when people ask for advice, I can send them here to read about bikes, gear, or a new cycling path.

I am happy to be able to help more people get started with cycling. It is very inspiring when people get to this site through search engines, social media sites, or even forums, and after reading my content (and it helps them!), they send me an email thanking me!

I share my knowledge and experience of cycling on this site. Some links are affiliate, meaning I will earn a commission if you buy a bike or gear by following my link. (at no additional cost to you)

This certainly helps support us in running this blog and encourages us to continue working hard and doing more for all of you.

What I’m Expecting 👌

Road bikes are my passion, and I love sharing them with the world. Thus, you can always expect this site to have the latest road bike resources, reviews, and accessories. This way, I do my part to ensure that you buy the best road bike possible.

My job on this site is to provide you with road bike reviews regularly, along with other vital information to help you make an intelligent buying decision. You’ll also be given access to some of the best road bike deals – be sure to check out the individual product review pages for the discount links.

Topics we cover

  • Reviews of road bikes
  • Best road bikes
  • Women’s road bikes
  • Road bike accessories
  • Road bike tires

I humbly request that you send me your questions and comments and I will gladly put them in the articles to give my readers a better perspective. You can also submit detailed reviews, complete with photos of the road bikes and I will be happy to introduce you to the site.

Don’t be a Stranger!😃

Feel free to email me at Biker Ninja if you have any questions or suggestions or if you just want to contact me. I like to make new friends, so don’t be a stranger! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.

I update new bike and gear ratings on my social profiles. You’ll get my content faster on those than anywhere else.

Thank you all
BikerNinja Founder